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Especially geared towards Band and Orchestra Directors and Music Educators in general, this class demystifies the oboe and makes oboe playing accessible. Every aspect of oboe playing is explained and demonstrated in a clear and simple manner.

Testimonials: Ohio Music Educators Association and Texas Music Educators Conventions

"I took a methods class but only the people who had a reed instrument as their primary instrument got to play the double reeds. So I never got to play the oboe. I would never have given a student an oboe to play if I hadn?t taken your class. Among the top three presentations out of 15 that I attended at OMEA"

trombonist/Credentialed music educator graduated BM music education 2002 

"In my methods class the teacher held up an instrument and said "This is an oboe". Then she put the instrument in its case and said, now I'm going to teach you how to play the clarinet. That was the total extent of my oboe education."

Credentialed music educator graduated in 2002

"I found the clinic very interesting and educational, and I play the oboe!"

Rachel Adler Bowling Green State University

"The unfortunate stigma against double reed instruments causes many people to shy away from them in the already lacking methods courses. This presentation was very informative regarding teaching the oboe and being able to demonstrate proper playing techniques to students".

Peter Willis music ed student Buffalo NY

"The clinic was very helpful and informative. As a french horn player with 5 oboe students in my band, I?m always looking for great info. I found it today!"

Gilbert Stulting-Flores

"I've been teaching high school band for 27 years and this helped me get over my apprehension about starting oboe students".

Ed Sims - Ohio

"Ms. Schuman-Post's workshop was one of the best I attended at TMEA this year. She used real live oboe ?beginners? to demonstrate the concepts of lower lungs, air speed, increase with ascending range, and the reverse when descending. I teach beginning band students and the information in her talk and handouts will be useful and I expect it to have an immediate and positive impact on my teaching and student?s performance. Thank you for your expertise!"

Elizabeth Hankins 

"Thanks for your help. I enjoyed your clinic and refreshing ideas. I can?t wait to go home and try some new ideas with my own practising techniques. I look forward to seeing you again soon. "

Jeremy Poll BM MME

Very knowledgeable, useful information to take back and use immediately with my beginners and advanced players. The Greenline is going to be my next oboe!"

Jennifer Levanduski Katy Junior High Band

"In order to get the credential I did not have to take oboe. I got a perspective I certainly didn't have before.

Credentialed music educator teaching elementary and middle school graduated 2000 

Brenda's clinic was very informative. Even though I've been teaching oboe privately for 10 years, I learned some new teaching techniques that I'm eager to try out on my students. I hope that Brenda will come back to TMEA and present the 'Oboes OF The World' seminar 

Beth Watson

"Thank you so much for the wonderful clinic you presented at TMEA. It was interesting, insightful, and inspiring. The one on one session at the booth was great! There is not enough that I could say to express my appreciation. I hope to attend other workshop/performances where you are the clinician. You have definitely opened my eyes to the oboe being useful in various genres of music."

Kristina Levias band director

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