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Honoring Veterans

a history of music in the United States Military

2024 update: now being presented in-person or virtual via Zoom

Honoring Veterans:

Music by, for and about the United States Military.

With paintings, photos and video of soldiers and military transport, accompanied by music from the depicted time periods, this Veteran’s Day Keynote lecture offers a unique, poignant, historical perspective on the United States Military from the American Revolution until right now.

Virtuoso oboist Brenda Schuman-Post was surprised when, in 2015, a senior citizen life enrichment director asked her to present a show specifically about music in the US Military. Brenda’s claims to fame include performing an unusual range and diversity of music, establishing Sonic Forest Productions, presenting concerts, lectures and workshops for senior citizen audiences since 2009, winning the 2003 Star Trek Idol Talent Search by improvising a "Fantasy on Themes from Star Trek" for oboe solo, and being the first musician ever to witness the harvesting of the East African tree from which woodwind musical instruments are made. Her concerts and recordings are declared as ‘groundbreaking’. Music for and about the US Military was totally outside of her sphere of knowledge. Brenda inquired “why me"? The activity director replied “Because of all the musicians I have met over the years, you’re the only one who I know could actually do it.” Brenda took up the challenge and ‘Honoring Veterans’ has been met with rave reviews ever since.

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