Brenda Schuman-Post
San Francisco based oboist, educator,
concerts, lectures, workshops, lessons

San Francisco Bay Area-based musician,
educator, lecturer, weddings, concerts,
oboe lessons

The Solar Systers


Pre-Warp Classics to Interplanetary Fusion

The Solar Systers
are an inter-galactic trio making music that spans the millennia. These humanoid musicians feature oboist Brenda Schuman-Post, winner of the Star Trek Idol Talent Search, violinist India Cooke & keyboardist Ellen Hoffman.

Appealing to every culture, The Solar Systers
have played their music to critical acclaim throughout the universe. A recent concert at Alpha Reticuli resulted in a command performance for the Klingon High Council, followed by an extensive tour of the Google Galaxy.
The Solar Systers  have been awarded the
Eternity Medal of Creative Freedom
currently on display at the Daystrom Institute.

The Solar Systers
can beam aboard to entertain you, too!
Private and public concerts, weddings, parties, background music, corporate and other special events.

For more information contact:
Brenda Schuman-Post, oboist

Winner of the Star Trek Idol Talent Search!          415 608-2027